Socializing a Rabbit Who's Never Been Socialized

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My name is Amy and I am the Bunny Lady!

I am a lifelong rabbit lover and have been specializing with rabbits at my local animal shelter. I am here to make sure all of you rabbit caretakers have everything you need to have a happy and healthy bunny in your home.

My mission is to help you fellow rabbit lovers get all the resources you need to help your rabbits thrive. A happy bunny is the best companion, and they are worth all the trouble those little fluffballs cause.

25 comments on “Socializing a Rabbit Who's Never Been Socialized

  1. TrumanHW schreef:

    Anyone notice that people who make bunny videos (perhaps all animal-videos) talk w their hands..? In fact, FLAIL w their hands — often quickly moving their hands near, past, in front of their faces..?? Obviously I dont mean this as a criticism, she doesn't know she's doing it.

    I'm just AMAZED that [her rabbit] wasn't stressed by the flailing.

  2. Autumn Green schreef:

    I got my rabbit from a shelter who was seized from a hoard of 90 rabbits on a farm. It’s been 5 months and he still won’t socialize with us

  3. frida zavala schreef:

    thank you!!!

  4. Muxxy schreef:

    your videos have really helped me with my rabbit. weve had him for a few years but never did anything and just left him there with the other rabbit. they got along but he wasnt ever friendly. after she passed we moved him into my bedroom and hes gotten alot friendlier, he had lots of hidie houses and gets treats and veggies and your videos have really helped me figure out that either im doing this wrong or this would be better for him and that. thank you <3

  5. Julie Baby schreef:

    HELP! I have a rabbit I rescued a rabbit from an abusive household ( most of what they did they didn't know better, but the very young children hurt her multiple times). I am pretty sure she is just about a year old. So far she's doing much better with socializing but she is TERRIFIED by hands. Many times she reacts like I am going to hurt her. Are there any more tips on how to soothe her? Maybe hopefully get her to not always feel like she's going g to be hurt?

  6. Laura Cabezas schreef:

    Love this ! Going to try it with my Lola bunny 🐰

  7. Emily O schreef:

    Great tips here! I feel like I have a plan for my shy rabbit.

  8. sassy_sasarai schreef:

    Love the little guy chowing down in the background.

  9. bianca king schreef:

    I got my bun on Easter , my bun does not like being picked up at all , if I lay on the floor with him he will walk or jump all on me or sometimes lick me a few times , binky around me , flop around me but he literally hates being picked up any tips ? He was 8 weeks on April 4 when I got him .

  10. Sof Sofsof schreef:

    I have 2 bunnies they aren't afraid of me. They just don't really care about me. Especially one of them doesnt really want me petting her, if i try to pet her she just hops away or pushes my hand away. She takes treats out of my hand fine but that's about it. I feel like it is really hard to get close with them because they just much rather have each other then me. Do you have any tips on getting them to like me more? They were very scared in the beginning but I have them for one year now so that's not really the problem anymore.

  11. Taylor D schreef:

    I got my bun from a shelter, the previous owner said she was never even able to get close to her let alone pet her. Ive been patient and spent lots of time with her and give treats, she has opened up so much! She lets me kiss her face now:)) i love her so much

  12. Sarah Fowler schreef:

    would you do a video about bonding two bunnies? also tips about bonding bunnies with other animals too. please if you can it would be so helpful! love your vids!

  13. J Z schreef:

    will my rabbit let me pet him once neutered?

  14. Elizabeth Archibald schreef:

    Thank you for this I've been watching you on this channel since I had a bunny😊

  15. Jelly schreef:

    Thank you my bunny is very scared of everything and everyone this really helped me learn about rabbit thank you so much 😊 ❤️ ❤️

  16. Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer schreef:

    always good to see the bunnies, ms b0ss

  17. LemonMilk schreef:

    Thanks this helped with my rabbit I rescued from meat she is scarred I’m going to hurt her because as a baby she was picked up and dropped 😢

    Edit: welp I’m back again with her baby this time

  18. Ewok schreef:

    Thank you so much for helping me take care and make sure my bunny is happy. I’ve been watching your channel since I got my bunny about 2 months and your channel is so helpful. Keep on making great videos and I wish the best for you 👍👍🤗

  19. Soha Star schreef:

    Does your rabbit enjoy walking outside

  20. Rakel Marie Sildelid schreef:

    I have to buns, one of them looves to be pet ( i mean really loves it! ) the other one likes it sometimes;/ what it the reason of this diffrence?

  21. Meredith Marcos schreef:

    THANK YOU Miss Bunny Lady🥰♥️ I LOVE this video so much!!! It’s comforting, reassuring and informative. You’re now one of my favourite Bunny resources and channel🥰🥰🥰 Your videos are so helpful and insightful. It’s making difference in how I care for my Binky Buns👍🏼🎉 Thanks Again☺️

  22. Blue eyes schreef:

    I LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS THANK YOU SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🐰🐰🐰🐰🐇💞💕❤️💓💖💖💖💞💗💓💕🌹🤗☺️😘😘😘😘

  23. BooksToAshes schreef:

    I'm trying to socialize my rabbit, but she's a tad overweight. She gets poop on her bum sometimes so I have to clean it, and I have to pick her up to make sure I get everything, but then this scares her and she doesn't want me around her anymore and hides most of the rest of the day, so it's hard for me to socialize her while also making sure she's clean.

    Also giving her treats makes her come to me, but she's on a diet (b/c of the reasons stated above) so treats are limited, and she's a Netherland Dwarf, so I don't tend to give her much fruit since she's been sick from stomach issues in the past and I don't wanna risk giving her more than a teaspoon of fruit a day.
    It's just a struggle all the way around with her lol but I'm trying my best. Any advice is appreciated to help with any of these issues.

  24. guitarman schreef:

    Great tips. The take away as you pointed out are " time and patience". Treats used in socializing are a great idea and one I'll use more often. I really enjoy developing social skills with rabbits at my local shelter. The process in very rewarding.

  25. うさぎのみるくとくるみ schreef:

    I love your video,thank you

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