Simple Minimalist DIY Rabbit Hutch from Recycled Material

Two new animals have joined the homestead! Bruno and Maisie are two Lionhead x New Zealand rabbits that needed a home and found one with us. The first priority was getting them housed since they couldn’t stay in the quail coop! Follow along as I build their new rabbit hutch start to finish using all reclaimed and recycled materials.

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11 comments on “Simple Minimalist DIY Rabbit Hutch from Recycled Material

  1. Eddie Dena schreef:

    Why are you keeping them separate?

  2. Little ray of sunshine schreef:

    Since they're outside, make sure to vaccinate them against RHDV if you can. We lost several of ours to it and it's tough to get rid of. The virus is viable for up to four months on solid surfaces and will wipe out an entire warren once infected.

  3. Chico Ringler schreef:

    get a Giant Flemish rabbit

  4. Lisa watson schreef:

    What kind of rabbits are those? They are so cute 🥰

  5. Mosaic Homestead schreef:

    Your editing is great 👍, mine sucks, I should be ashamed lol, why not elevate hutch and collect the free fertilizer, its cold compost, it can be used directly on plants, im building a hutch on top of my compost bins to collect the fertilizer lol

  6. Emily Castro schreef:

    Do you have a cut list for this project?

  7. The Thrifted Planter schreef:

    Another great build! New Sub!

  8. Daniel Moreno schreef:

    this might work out great for timeouts! did you try locking your kid in there? lol

  9. Rhonda Parks schreef:

    Very nice rabbit hutch I love it but one thing you should make them a ramp to get up in the little cubby cozy area so they don't jump up or down and hurt their legs

  10. Suzanne Westcott schreef:

    Lovely new home for the bunnies, you make it look so easy! 🌟 Love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 xxx

  11. Taemin Kim schreef:

    Sweet! I bet the rabbits are cozy now. Great video 😀

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