Thinking of getting rabbit? Check out the PROS and CONS list in this video!

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✰ Disclaimer ✰
I am not vet. Please contact a rabbit-savvy vet for any medical emergencies.
Always monitor your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

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19 comments on “PROS & CONS OF HAVING A RABBIT!

  1. Lennon The Bunny schreef:

    Thank you to all the Lennies who submitted videos of your bunnies to be featured! Xoxo

  2. Ashanti Wood schreef:

    Yes my rabbit wakes me up at 2 in the morning even when i have to wake up at 5 6 in the morning sometimes but i cant say no to that face

  3. Avilio Amici schreef:

    Can confirm about the children thing. Years ago some girls were playing with a rabbit at school and it started to pee and I kid you not they dropped it on the floor

    Never trusting children to be with animals alone 😬

  4. Tb schreef:

    I wanted a pet rabbit but I saw how much they poop on a daily basis. Seems like too much. Is it still worth it?

  5. ToastyCat!? schreef:

    I had a cat who lived for a year, then unfortunately passed away. I got a new cat, but I’m planning on getting a rabbit to replace the sassy, chunky, shedding, angry, cuddly, scratch my mirror at 3 am girl. You really help me with my research, (I might not be free roaming my bunny bc I have like a million cats and dogs-) but I find you a good person to research, because unlike most rabbit YouTubers, you don’t highly spoil your rabbit. I have experience with rodents, I had Guinea Pigs who multiplied like three times during the time I had them- but they were sassy little things, and every YouTube video and website ever said that they needed a huge space (when they hardly move) lots of friends (that they fight with-) and lots of attention (which they would run to the very corner of the room sized cage where I couldn’t reach em) can’t wait for a sassy Lionhead-

  6. Karma Real schreef:

    I remember my rabbit! I absolutely love my rabbit😍😍😍😍😍😍 For some reason it will only allow children to pick it up,hold him like a baby and rub his belly. I am definitely getting another one.

  7. Brennen Fitzgerald schreef:

    Rabbits do not hate being held. Time and again I’ve seen this myth. I’ve bred rabbits for decades, and only a few have ever hated being held. The secret is knowing how to hold. You have to be confident. You have to hold them securely. You have to cradle them completely. When you do, they’re lovable putty in your hands.
    If your rabbit isn’t liking you picking them up and holding them….. it’s you, not them.

  8. barbara lawrence-rodriguez schreef:

    So true in everything you said.

  9. ZeidGho schreef:

    2 cons in and I'm not getting a rabbit
    Thought I finally found my pet

  10. Saoirse Dumbledore schreef:

    0:25 I want this to do by my bunny 🥺but I don't know how

  11. Catherine Valdez schreef:

    What is the breed of that rabbit that has white color on his neck

  12. AmanteAboy schreef:

    I don't have a rabbit and I'm watching this.But I hope I'll get one some day ☻

  13. Enoch loh schreef:

    No procs/cons as long as he/she is family to me

  14. Melinda Wolf schreef:

    I love my cat but my bunnies have my heart. There's something special about being trusted by an animal who fears just about everything. They're sweetness just breaks my heart open. I'm raising my first litter of babies (10 babies! Crazy!) And while the babies have only had their eyes open for 3 days, they already know my voice and come when I call, and kiss my fingers and jump in the air for joy. They can by such happy creatures and it helps me feel uplifted when I'm lonely.
    My cat is a good boy, but a total tease, lol. He just likes pushing my buttons and only wants affection on his terms. But my grown-up bunnies Coconut and Marshmello just want to be present with me, to be loved on and cuddle. They feel more sensitive to my emotions and while they like to chew cords and get stubborn about having things their way, they never tease me. The fact they want to be affectionate so much satisfies my love language: touch. And they make me feel all the work I put into the garden is appreciated because they enthusiastically gobble up the veggies as treats.
    I wouldn't trade them for anything.

  15. Lena Rae schreef:

    I used to have a bunny but I realized… I’m allergic to Hay…

  16. Andy Gossard schreef:

    Glad Bugs won the Jackpot with YOU

  17. The Weird Cousins schreef:

    How old is Lennon?

  18. Ozlem Aykac schreef:

    Very helpfull information.Thank you so much.

  19. Bj Ironside schreef:

    They look edible

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