Pallethouten konijnenhok gebouwd (2021) Aflevering 19

This summer, we built a rabbit hutch with pallet wood. It was a big project for two people with little experience in building anything, but it was worth all the blood and sweat, and there was plenty of both due to our absolute lack of knowledge.
Join us on the journey of creating a beautiful home for our bunnies and stick around till the end to finally meet them. They are so stinking cute!

Regenerative Agriculture Defined:
Farming and ranching in synchrony with nature to repair, rebuild, revitalize, and restore ecosystem function, starting with all life in the soil and moving to all life above the soil.

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7 comments on “Pallethouten konijnenhok gebouwd (2021) Aflevering 19

  1. @danielaforcos5694 schreef:

    Frumos .. norocoși iepurașii 🍃❤️🍃

  2. @danielaforcos5694 schreef:

    Frumoșii si talentații lui mamy🍃❤️🍃

  3. @shineyrocks390 schreef:

    Sent it but had a issue I think I fixed the email to go through. Service up on my mountain isn't the best cheers

  4. @googleyeyes5122 schreef:

    There you are, tanned and sweating under a summer sun, whilst I am huddling under a quilt, chugging hot cocoa. 😂 Your timing rocks!
    Christmas in July meet Summer in January! Pleased to make your acquaintance. Don't be silly! The pleasure is all mine. 🌞🎅🌴❄

  5. @shineyrocks390 schreef:

    Brother if we lived closer if I would have given you as many rabbits and hutches as you wanted 😜 I've got so many I ran out of room. I breed Rex, New Zealand, Polish rabbits year round. Their manure, urine is the best thing ever for a garden! You don't have to compost it like everything else. The meat is good and they are easy to care for. I free range my does to give them a break between breeding.
    I fence an area.
    I dig holes in the ground and put wood boxes in the holes/dens and put a PVC pipe down to the boxes and cover them with dirt so they can get away from predators. There are so many way to do that, I won't bother explaining it. It's simple, fun, and they love it.
    Trust me when I say they will give you 100's of bunnies, just one pair even, in a year. Good management is important for health and success and looks like you are doing great. Good luck in the new year. See ya 👍

  6. @majalis3739 schreef:

    You are adorabul guys! And competent. Good job!

  7. @riffhurricane schreef:

    I scavenge old pallets, they're about the most useful things in the universe! Have built my chicken coops & raised bed from them.

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