Rabbit genius masters the shell game

Rabbit genius masters the shell game

A tiny pet bunny rabbit plays the shell game. Are rabbits really smart? Yes! This is the first time the rabbit has even attempted the shell game. We found these cups out thrifting and presented them to the rabbit. The bunny instantly knew how to play, intuited a winning strategy, and remains undefeated in the shell game. Do you want to master the shell game? Here’s a tip to master the shell game – think like a rabbit and use your nose.

What is the shell game?
The shell game (also known as thimblerig, three shells and a pea, the old army game) is often portrayed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is almost always a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud. In confidence trick slang, this swindle is referred to as a short-con because it is quick and easy to pull off. The shell game is related to the cups and balls conjuring trick, which is performed purely for entertainment purposes without any purported gambling element.

Playing the shell game:
In the shell game, three or more identical containers (which may be cups, shells, bottle caps, or anything else) are placed face-down on a surface. A small ball is placed beneath one of these containers so that it cannot be seen, and they are then shuffled by the operator in plain view. One or more players are invited to bet on which container holds the ball – typically, the operator offers to double the player’s stake if they guess right. Where the game is played honestly, the operator can win if he shuffles the containers in a way which the player cannot follow.

In practice, however, the shell game is notorious for its use by confidence tricksters who will typically rig the game using sleight of hand to move or hide the ball during play and replace it as required. Fraudulent shell games are also known for the use of psychological tricks to convince potential players of the legitimacy of the game – for example, by using shills or by allowing a player to win a few times before beginning the scam.

History of the shell game:
The shell game dates back at least to Ancient Greece. It can be seen in several paintings of the European Middle Ages. A book published in England in 1670 (Hull Elections – Richard Perry and his fiddler wife) mentions the thimblerig game. In the 1790s, it was called “thimblerig” as it was originally played using sewing thimbles. Later, walnut shells were used, and today the use of bottle caps or matchboxes is common. The swindle became very popular throughout the nineteenth century, and games were often set up in or around traveling fairs. It game is becoming less popular today as rabbits proliferate as pets – rabbits NEVER fall for the trick of the shell game, and always instantly know which shell the prize is under. Operators of the game fear the presence of a rabbit above all else.

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Philippe houdt krokodillen en cobra’s alsof het katten en honden zijn – RTL NIEUWS

Philippe houdt krokodillen en cobra’s alsof het katten en honden zijn  – RTL NIEUWS

Veel mensen zitten met de kat op schoot op de bank of wandelen met de hond. Maar voor Philippe is dat maar saai, zo’n alledaags huisdier.

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Ztringz trucjes * kop en schotel

Ztringz trucjes * kop en schotel

Ztringz regenboog touw spel met touw trucjes. Leuke touwtjes figuren maken met Ztringz of een bolletje wol. Je maakt de verschillende figuren met je handen en vingers en je eigen touw of Ztringz. Als je een bol wol hebt is dit lekker goedkoop of (bijna) gratis om uren te spelen. Een oude veter is ook prima!
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9 Ways to Workout with Your Bunny

9 Ways to Workout with Your Bunny

Who said you can’t workout with your rabbit?
Get those bunz right with your bunz! (pun intended)

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✰ Disclaimer ✰
I am not vet. Please contact a rabbit-savvy vet for any medical emergencies.
Always monitor your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

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DIY Rabbit Hutch: How We Built It Without Plans – A Step by Step Guide

DIY Rabbit Hutch: How We Built It Without Plans – A Step by Step Guide

DIY Rabbit Hutch: How We Built It Without Plans – A Step by Step Guide

In this video, we show you how we built a sturdy and functional rabbit hutch without any plans. From gathering materials to the finished product, we take you on a step-by-step journey of our DIY project. Whether you’re an experienced carpenter or just starting out, this video is a great resource for anyone looking to build their own rabbit hutch without breaking the bank. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to construct a hutch that is both functional and stylish, providing a comfortable home for your furry friends.

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