ONS VERHAAL | hoe & waarom ik een konijn als huisdier heb

Hello Buns! Welcome to Cinnabun Sundays, a weekly video series where we talk about all things bunny.

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19 comments on “ONS VERHAAL | hoe & waarom ik een konijn als huisdier heb

  1. @swissneva1 schreef:

    Hate the nose ring, it's distracting. Never could figure out why people do this.

  2. @DeeAJR schreef:

    Love ya Cinnabun, precious baby!๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’—โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  3. @SnuffalupagusRising schreef:

    The new pet mental breakdown and "did I make a huge mistake" is something people don't talk about enough. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I really appreciate your vulnerability. I don't think anyone would believe that I have a mini panic every time I get a new pet. You can love animals, want them, be a knowledgeable owner, but the reality of having this strange tiny alien in your home is still going to hit. Maybe less anxious people don't go through it as much but it's such a weird phenomenon. Almost like post pet partum.

  4. @boots5067 schreef:

    My new year goal for 2024, is to be a better bunny mum. My buns are totally spoiled but I can always do better.

  5. @acarohair schreef:

    Hi I am a girlfriend of a long term bunny owner. I am wanting to bond with his new Bunny he got a week ago. Thomas lll is 11 weeks old and we spent the whole weekend together. I found myself feeling sad and not connected. I know it will take time. The idea eventually will be that Thomas lll will travel between our two homes. I have two standard poodles and I imagining that I will have to always separate them. Any words of wisdom?

  6. @deefective1100 schreef:

    I was asked to take a rabbit or else he would end up at the humane society. I am a cat guy so how hard can a rabbit it be? I found out they really like their sheltered quiet spots in house because they are a prey animal unlike a cat. Food and water and very active bunny zooms happen at dawn and dusk. I only have a cage that he came in so he can use it as a cat box, just like a cat otherwise he is free to roam. Then you have to keep all wires out of reach if you don't want them chewed. Food is cheap and easy, veggies hay and pellets cheaper than feeding a dog or cat. Rabbits make no noise and mine is not very social but loves scratches but hates being picked up, a reflex because he is a natural food item.

  7. @AMTSA1 schreef:

    How best to pottie train a bun?

  8. @sarahsmith5232 schreef:

    I have a Holland Lop too! Her name is Cinna like from the Hunger Games, but since finding your channel her nickname is Cinna-Bun-Bun. I sadly canโ€™t free roam her because I have a big dog, but when I move out she will have a nice big room. Also we love your videos!โค

  9. @GreymanWalking schreef:

    I currently have a Cinnamon and my other bun is Athena, both are rescue buns.

  10. @kaylathomas9331 schreef:

    Beatrix similarly came into my life – bunnies have always been my favorite animal and as an adult, I wanted to own a free roam bunny as Beatrix Potter did. But I went about it as you did by researching and finding a local breeder. Now I know if I get another bunny, it is by going to a shelter. I am so glad you mention this! Bea was so tiny when I got her and I just carried her around for the first few days, she hated being alone. Plus because she was so small I was afraid of losing her lol!

  11. @corydee123 schreef:

    Fun fact there is a breed of rabbit known as a cinnamon rabbit.

  12. @brightshade3163 schreef:

    Cinnabun is so lonely. Get her a mate.

  13. @aspooner820 schreef:

    I just got a Holland lop and his name is Beau weโ€™re still working on the trust but your bunny trusting video helped a lot he is starting to come up to me and let me pet him more so thank you so much and I love your videos

  14. @jjthefed schreef:

    We love our Loopy! He is an indoor / outdoor bun. He goes into "bunny jail" (cage) at night while we are sleeping. But he is free range about 16 hours a day. We got him for $5 at the local shelter.

  15. @Devilishka7 schreef:

    I'd love to learn about the whole journey, and nobody seems to talk much about this drastic change when the rabbits become mature and turn the house upside down by being like a completely different rabbit. It's like dealing with a child going through puberty stage… Didn't anybody else feel like they studied a lot, for months or years even before getting their ball of fluff and felt ready, but reality turned out to be tougher? Lol That's how I feel ๐Ÿ˜… Obviously then it's time to neuter/spay, but sometimes that's also not a 100% remedy.

  16. @cindychapman5900 schreef:

    We all have our own bunny or pet stories. Cinnabun was blessed you found her, and you and Brian give her a great home.

  17. @jenCake101 schreef:

    My bun story is a little similar in the aspects of , I had no clue how to care for one my daughter who was 18 wanted one so badly, we found a place selling for $35 every place else was $100 she is the best thing that ever happened! We love her so much & bought her in 2020 also we follow you & Lennon!

  18. @amyernano4840 schreef:

    I chose my rabbit because he chose me – he was in a cage with three other baby bunnies, and he was the plainest looking one, and the smallest. But he came right to me and started licking my hand and asking for pets, so… I would have been stupid to choose one of the others just because they looked fancier. As soon as I brought him home and put him in the temporary cage I set up, he flopped like, "okay, I'm home". Never timid, never skittish. He'll be three this year and he's an absolute dream. No destroying furniture or baseboards, loves to snuggle up with me on the couch and watch movies, and even when he gets mad at me, he's over it within a few minutes. He has no concept at all of holding a grudge. I am so thankful for my Eddie… he's my best friend.

  19. @FreyjaElisabetFarang schreef:

    I Love love you and your bunny ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿฐโค a lot

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