Ik zou deze konijnenrassen nooit bezitten!

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✰ Disclaimer ✰
I am not vet. Please contact a rabbit-savvy vet for any medical emergencies.
Always monitor your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

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20 comments on “Ik zou deze konijnenrassen nooit bezitten!

  1. @LennonTheBunny schreef:

    What kind of rabbit do you have? Comment below!

  2. @levirios2680 schreef:

    i completely agree with your holland lop take. my bf and i rescued our holland lop from craiglist and we’d never owned a rabbit before so we went in blind. he’s so friendly and sweet but he gets sick at least once a year. he is deaf bc of his lop ears, and he gets frequent double inner ear infections bc of his ears. when he was just a year old he got a double ear infection AND e cuniculi and almost died bc of it. i love him with my whole heart but i would never seek out this breed ever again.

  3. @NirajaTrivedi schreef:

    I own an indian Hare. She has shades of black and white over her body. Owning a wild rabbit which can easily blend in nature is a crime in India. Hence you can only adopt white, black or light brown rabbits.

  4. @geenarees1492 schreef:

    My bunnies came from my uncle, there was an accidental wrong sexing of a male ended up with 2 pregnant females 🤦🏻‍♀️ so I had a bunny from each litter.
    They are a mix of Lionhead, netherland dwarf, and some lop (I assume mini, but not sure) both of them look completely different. Marble has a mostly grey coat with beige feet and has typical lionhead fuzz around the head and the bum. And is roughly lionhead size. Now onyx is black with little spots of white, and looks like a dwarf and is sized like a dwarf. However they are the exact same mix of 3 breeds. It’s honestly crazy to see how the genetics have come out so differently in them. None of them have lop ears, both over a year old now, so far no illnesses (fingers crossed it stays that way, both insured just in case)

  5. @katewashburn schreef:

    Hi I just wanted to get some tips from you if possible. My three bunnies I have always flick me off even though I approach them from the sides I pet their heads I give them treats and salads and I even take them on walks sometimes but it’s so hot so I can’t take them outside how do I give my bunnies exercise if they are not free roam? I have a big house with lots of stuff and I just can’t make my house free roam even though I want to. I’m not sure why but my bunnies just don’t seem to like me even though I do everything I can to try.

  6. @meeklynx schreef:

    I’ve owned 2 English lops and my goodness.. they have the most health problems I’ve ever seen in any breed I’ve ever owned. 😢

  7. @josselynemanning schreef:

    Lionhead owner here ❤

  8. @Sevaris schreef:

    I rescued a lop rabbit and he had so many ear problems. When he got older it was just vet visit after vet visit 😭 I loved him so much though and he free roamed the house and loved to chill on the couch with me 😭❤️

  9. @c.a.fontaine1074 schreef:

    I have a lop Cinnamon rabbit mix she's 10 years old now and still going strong!

  10. @xxSunnyxx9970 schreef:

    I have a Holland lop she was the runt and I rescued her from a shelter she was going to put down for being a runt and sadly is deaf

  11. @BiTaHa schreef:

    We've got 4 rabbits from animal welfare: a mini rex, a mini lop and two teddy rabbits. I don't know, if this is the right name in English – like Angoras they have long fur all over their body and it keeps growing all the time, but unlike Angoras they change their coat, so if you don't comb and groom them regularly, they will have matted fur all over their body. We got these two rabbits last year, when they were rescued from their previous owner. The girl had a lot of matted fur, but this was nothing compared to the poor boy, who had a layer of matted fur like a shell over his complete body. It was 3 cm thick and it took us more than 3 hours to get everything off.

  12. @absolutelytiffany schreef:

    I have two mini Rex bunnies and one is an albino. I love my girls so much.

  13. @mattclark6246 schreef:

    My favorite rabbit breeds are
    1) French lop
    2) Flemish giants
    3) Harley Quinn rabbit
    4) mini lops
    Rabbit breeds that I don't like
    Mini rex
    Lion head rabbit
    Dwarf rabbits
    🕊️ Of ✌️

  14. @EvonZundel schreef:

    Instead of saying that you wouldn’t own these breeds, you may want to call this Things to be aware of it you want these breeds. To say that all rabbits deserve a home but then to have disdain about care they need is sad. I have had lop eared, mixed breed, and Dutchies.

  15. @nelliewilson5045 schreef:

    We have a white ruby eye mini rex and our all black mini rex mix bunny recently passed. They were rescued from a hoarding situation of about 100 rabbits – breeding gone wrong – and we adopted them from a rescue. Both have had health issues, white one has a chronic sneeze that she's probably had most of her life due to the horrible situation she was in. Our black bunny ended up having dental issues that showed up and she passed from a reaction to sedation for a tooth trim. She was six and her bond mate is also six. We hope to be able to find our white bun a new bunny friend through the local rabbit rescue we foster with. Ruby eye white rabbits, black rabbits, and older rabbits all tend to be overlooked in shelters. Please consider adopting them as they deserve love and care just as much as the cute babies!

  16. @EmmaOtero schreef:

    I have 2 baby lion heads and a 7 year old mix. My older rabbit is so chill and the babies are crazy! I thought they would be good playmates for him but I was mistaken! They are going to be fixed and then hopefully they can get along 😂

  17. @SerenaBrooks2686 schreef:

    I have 2 lops but I just adopted them at our local humane society

  18. @WhtCrstlJudgmntDrgn schreef:

    Well, I ended up with a Mini-Rex (Cocoa), a Lionhead (Cookie Dough), and a Flemish Giant (Pepper) that was about to be put down as a baby (I just couldn't let it happen). Cocoa and Cookie Dough were taken from a shelter, 2 years apart. Pepper is my most recent addition about 8 months ago, got her shortly after Thanksgiving. Originally I wasn't into animals, but for some reason, I found myself there, and I didn't even hesitate to get Cocoa. I've been reading and researching, and thanks to videos like yours that really got me into being a better owner for them. Yeah, grooming and molting is a pain in the butt, but seeing them be so happy after I remove some of it, makes it worth it. I haven't head any health issues outside of teething (which taught me about getting a few more toys/things to help with that), but I know they're coming and I'm just gonna deal with it when they come. It's hilarious to come home and see them flopped over in their room, then practically ready to tackle me when I enter.

  19. @cheekyzeynep7112 schreef:

    I love dwarf rabbits tho they’re so cute!

  20. @Lucky_and_Lulu schreef:

    I have a flop ear girl i saved her the Lady be before me Nonbinary Bunn parent didn't cared about my 2 bunn's i bet she got them as Christmas gift for her 2 kiddos –– to kids didn't xared about then and the mom wated tge kids care so they end up doing almost nothing and feeding even wrong food likr pallets Ughh and they lived in a Cage –– my mom saw them online for 1$ on eBay and asked me if i want bun buns bc i wanted bunnies anyway i was researching about a half year and my Mom and rescue them 2 and they where 5 month old and didn't neuter she was pregant with 3 baies and they all born dead sadly bc she was too young and moving home stress :/

    Now they are happy right food daily fresh food, care, cleaning, cuddles, all 3-4 weeks nail cutt, many toys, hide places, bunny prof room, endless love and he is neutered she isn't yet bc its expensive but we will do it too. They do binkies and she does cute sum sum bee 🐝 noise when she sees me bc she loves me and he likes me too 🙂

    I made a Instagram and yt Chanel about them who has interest in seeing them click in my profile

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