Struggling with litter training your pet bunny? Check out this video for some helpful tips on successfully litter training your rabbit.

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22 comments on “HOW TO LITTER TRAIN A RABBIT 🐰

  1. @vinakane3150 schreef:

    Why do I have to spay or neuter my rabbit to litter box train it? I don’t get it! So they spray like a cat does? What does it do to mark? Pee is marking?

  2. @JustFluxz schreef:

    I don't have the space for it now, but if and when I am able to move out of my parent's house, I am debating between a Rabbit and a Uromastyx as a pet. It would likely be weird not having a dog, unless it will be possible too, but they both seem like the most ideal options for me as a Vegan that also wants relatively easy maintenance that is also big enough to handle without fear of somehow losing them in random crevices (i would worry about that if I owned hamsters or mice). Unfortunately, I am not financially stable enough to move out in New York.

  3. @jstewart627 schreef:

    Fixed?! You mean chop off their balls 1:20

  4. @cjones3493 schreef:

    I have carpet wall to wall

  5. @YoungRichVEVO schreef:

    Wow it’s helpful

  6. @bunnyblue3082 schreef:

    I adopted two bunnies from a family who got a dog two years ago. I tried everything under the sun to get them litter trained. They do use the litter box but at the same time they do their business all over their territory, they don't just have one preferred spot. Another problem is that they don't want to hop on any slippery surface. So I have to use mats to make them move around. Honestly, I'm at my wit's end. I had bunnies before, my mum has – they were/are all "clean" and use only the litter box. I'd be really happy for some advice.

  7. @HellYT9263 schreef:

    Will this work If I don't spay my rabbit?

  8. @SVURulez schreef:

    What about territorial pooping? My bunnies have been pooping everywhere since they bonded. The bigger one has gotten better but the little one, who was always worse to begin with, keeps pooping EVERYWHERE

  9. @susehase8572 schreef:

    I have a question. What should I do if I have a carpet floor like if they pee I can't clean it properly😫

  10. @Dorothi1267 schreef:

    Thank you so much! That will help🤍🌸

  11. @romanzurutuza7102 schreef:

    quick info i had a male bunny lop who wasnt neutered and he had no issues being hygenic and pooing where he should. in case anybody asks he was also never territorial or aggressive. only thing he would do diffrently is "play " with footballs 😉

  12. @TitanTVMan.. schreef:

    Rabbit litter box in its cage, and he somehow learned himself to do it like I literally just put it in there and then he started to do use it like all you have to do is put it in there until your rabbit to go inside and it will do it inside and it will do it

  13. @RocketRaccoonIzHot schreef:

    My rabbit will literally knock away her litter box and go in the corner she knocked it out of

  14. @bkim7000 schreef:

    Sooooo if I can't spay my Bunny until 5-6 months then what do I do until then? She's only two months old and pees in her litter box AND all over pen. I've made the pen half the size and removed the pee pads cuz she loves to pee on soft surfaces but now she has nowhere comfy to sleep😣 please help me

  15. @cryptoknight_music schreef:

    The pain in this lady’s voice when at 2:15 ish when she’s giving advice on keeping the litter box in the corner 🤣🤣😂

  16. @toad9964 schreef:

    when you say you have a rabbit that owes outside the box daily are you saying that they do this even after training or is there hope? I have one rabbit that never has accidents and one that I’m trying to train for a third time to go in the box and she owes everywhere, I want hope!

  17. @brittany8012 schreef:

    What would you suggest for a rabbit who doesn’t like to eat hay outside of his food mixture?

  18. @laurarickerby6902 schreef:


  19. @ashlinspringer4579 schreef:

    I really wanna litter train my rabbit but I feel like he’s gonna end up being bigger than the litter box as he is a New Zealand

  20. @katiebunny3396 schreef:

    Do you still think pine pellets are safe? Ive read you don't want to use pine shavings.. I think aspen is recommended. Is there a differenfe between pellets and shavings in terms of safety?

  21. @Nancybaranowski schreef:

    My baby bunny poops everywhere . She’s 8 weeks and has poo scattered everywhere . I hope as she gets older she uses her litter box more. My other two boys were quite good and never pooped outside 🤣

  22. @DailyLifeofUna schreef:

    Is there a measure for the vinagre and water mix? or is 50/50 ok?

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