Examentips voor het omgaan met konijnen

Rabbits may be nervous in a clinic setting, so it’s important to know proper handling and restraint techniques. Learn from Portland Community College Instructor and #CVT Laura Harris, and DoveLewis CVT Courtney Olson, about a few tips for creating a stress-free visit.

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10 comments on “Examentips voor het omgaan met konijnen

  1. @tyrannuslapis5107 schreef:

    Wouldn't it be a better rule of thumb to just sit in the floor? Buns can be pretty panicky at the vet, with high risk of flying out of your arms/off the table.

  2. @viviansiegel8544 schreef:

    That's the kind of rabbit my girl had.

  3. @katharinathompson8238 schreef:

    You are a wonderful gentle veterinarian. Wish you worked in Georgia

  4. @angievega4937 schreef:

    Oh man, I'm sad now 😭 the bunny looks exactly like my last bunny that disappeared, her name was Negrita which meant Blackie…. Not very creative name I know 😭😭😭

  5. @shaunpereira6461 schreef:

    Everybody Gangsta untill bloodmoon starts!

  6. @Pennywise-hn5qw schreef:

    Beautiful rabbit model

  7. @ieatcoldbread8184 schreef:

    I thought they were mini kangaroos

  8. @amatorsarkilar2815 schreef:

    Thank you for video🙏

  9. @ella_huth schreef:

    Thank you for the tips!
    You little rabbit is do cute!

  10. @meo-conluvsU. schreef:

    Very interesting video! Just curious, do you guys see guinea pigs?

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