Easy bunny tricks 🐰

Easy bunny tricks. This is how we usually give pellets to the bunnies. It’s a bit slow. But it keeps them engaged and stimulated, rather than just eating super fast from a bowl.

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✿ Little Intro
Bobby (Holland lop) 🐼
Birthday: October 2016 🇺🇸
Gender: Male, neutered ♂
Personality: Calm & friendly 😇
Likes: Food, pet, massages
Dislike: Nail trimming

Ellie (Holland lop) 🐨
Birthday: May 2018 🇺🇸
Gender: Female, spayed ♀
Personality: Princess 👑
Likes: Bite Bunpa, tease Bobby & zoomies
Dislike: Loud noises

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18 comments on “Easy bunny tricks 🐰

  1. @user-nc1kt9rx1b schreef:

    Whats food u giving him

  2. @red2thebone schreef:

    Awwwww the spin and high five 🤭😩☺️❤

  3. @johnphilipfosterdobson551 schreef:

    We had a neighbour hood bunny, all I had to do was shake the container of pellets, or call Honey Bun….. Harrington's and it was a high speed bunny.

  4. @et0nsl1ght20 schreef:

    How much talent can fit inside such a little critter

  5. @reisbaskan4387 schreef:

    İyi baktığınız için teşekkürler var olun

  6. @reisbaskan4387 schreef:

    Dünyanın en masum en güzel en özel canlarisiniz elhamdülillah 💕🧿💕🧿

  7. @kathleenciadje schreef:


  8. @Cindyplayzroblox_yt schreef:

    Aww the nod was so cute

  9. @fannygonzalez4552 schreef:

    ❤❤ 🐰🐰🥕🥕🐇🐇

  10. @BraceletsByGiana schreef:

    Soooooo cute

  11. @Doggilovi schreef:

    My Bunny Isn’t Intresting In Treats😢😢😢😭😭😭

  12. @selmaocakl7171 schreef:

    Çok taktılar

  13. @kavitananda5064 schreef:

    Where is your house and the address plz tell me 😊

  14. @ezrairis3209 schreef:

    Yummy bunnies 🥰

  15. @mylenewilson5148 schreef:


  16. @isabellejean9348 schreef:

    Ils sont tellement adorables je peux que les aimer oui je les aimes beaucoup je les adores ils ont un petit lit que c est mignon

  17. @TattooedandSassyrabbitry schreef:

    I love this!! When we get moved I'm going to start working on this
    Thank you for sharing 💖

  18. @denisemasters4904 schreef:

    Great job Dude❣🤗❤

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