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Doeltraining met bewolkt konijn

Doeltraining met bewolkt konijn

It’s target training time! 🎯

Take a look at how our animal care team works on target training with Animal Ambassadors Cloudy and Scooter. Training like this helps animals learn behaviors that will aid our staff in checking animal welfare and lets the animals participate in their own care!

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Ik groet mijn konijntje in de ochtend 🐰☀️

Ik groet mijn konijntje in de ochtend 🐰☀️

Greeting my bunny in the morning. Do you greet your bunny in the morning?

*This is not a kid video. Youtube, please don’t disable the comment section

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✿ Little Intro
Bobby (Holland lop) 🐼
Birthday: October 2016 🇺🇸
Gender: Male, neutered ♂
Personality: Calm & friendly 😇
Likes: Food, pet, massages
Dislike: Nail trimming

Ellie (Holland lop) 🐨
Birthday: May 2018 🇺🇸
Gender: Female, spayed ♀
Personality: Princess 👑
Likes: Bite Bunpa, tease Bobby & zoomies
Dislike: Loud noises

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Feiten over konijnen #shorts #shortvideo

Feiten over konijnen #shorts #shortvideo

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De fascinerende wereld van konijnen #Rabbits #NatureFacts #AnimalFacts

De fascinerende wereld van konijnen #Rabbits #NatureFacts #AnimalFacts

#Rabbits #NatureFacts #AnimalBehavior #WildlifeDocumentary #CutePets

Explore the fascinating world of rabbits in this insightful video! From their incredible hearing to their unique digestive habits, learn how rabbits thrive in diverse ecosystems worldwide. Discover why these agile herbivores are most active during dawn and dusk, and how their reproductive strategies contribute to their survival in the wild. Delve into the maternal care of female rabbits, known as does, and their nesting behaviors. Uncover the secrets behind rabbits’ swift digging abilities and the variety of fur colors and patterns they exhibit. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply curious about these adorable creatures, this video provides a captivating look into the life of rabbits and their remarkable adaptations.

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