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Zonnebrand voor dieren | Insmeer-sing-a-long-lied | Koken met konijnen

Zonnebrand voor dieren | Insmeer-sing-a-long-lied | Koken met konijnen

Smeren kun je leren: smeer in dat dier! Luister naar het Insmeer-sing-a-long- lied. Kijk de hele aflevering van Koken met konijnen op

Het nieuwe VPRO Jeugd-programma Koken met konijnen is dé kakelverse kookshow voor huisdier en baas. Presentatieduo Diederik Kreike en Ayrton Fraenk zijn de smaakmakers van deze bonte show vol vreemde vogels, rare eenden, dolle honden en kattige geiten.

Diederik en Ayrton ontmoeten in Koken met konijnen iedere aflevering een jong baasje met een bijzonder huisdier. De dieren worden in het zonnetje gezet met smakelijke en verrassende gerechten, die je zelf kan namaken voor je eigen beessie! En hebben de dieren problemen of zijn er moeilijke vragen? Die worden tussen het kokkerellen door beantwoord en opgelost door dierenartsen en dierenspecialisten.

5 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds #shorts

5 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds #shorts

5 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds #shorts

(1) Mini Lop Rabbit

Mini Lops are undeniably adorable and their cuteness makes them hard to resist. Mini lop comes in all colors.

(2) Lionhead Rabbit

Lionheads have long hair on their head and neck and are medium to small in size. Lionheads tend to be friendly and like to bond with people.

(3) Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The smallest breed of domesticated rabbit, the Netherland Dwarf is more delicate, weighting only about 1-1.4 kg. Their small size, cute, upright ears, and funny jumps make them a charming breed.

(4) Rex Rabbit

Rex rabbits have straight-back ears and are known for their dense, thick, chinchilla like fur that stands straight up from the skin. They are smooth and athletic jumpers.

(5) Polish Rabbit

Polish Rabbit breed is a dwarf-sized rabbit with short, upright ears, full round heads, and a compact body. They generally weigh between 1.2 and 1.7 kg.

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Top 10 Most Affectionate Rabbit Breeds!

Top 10 Most Affectionate Rabbit Breeds!

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Which Rabbit Breed Is Best? | Pet Rabbits

Which Rabbit Breed Is Best? | Pet Rabbits

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Speaker 1: Okay, so we’re talking today about breeds of rabbits and we have here just to show you different breeds. A few, this one is called a Jersey Wally, this one is a Rex the grey one, this one is a Flemish Giant, this one is a New Zealand White and we have here a little buddy called a Lion Head and next to him is a Netherlands Dwarf. We actually DE-emphasize breeds when people are adopting bunnies we always tell them no matter how beautiful the rabbit, no matter how much you love the breed, the thing to pay attention to really is the personality. And I told Amy once that is kind of like when you are dating a guy that is just really gorgeous and you find out that the personality isn’t there, you don’t care about the looks after a while it is very, very interesting. I had somebody come into my apartment one time to adopt only a Lap rabbit. The Lap rabbits are the ones that have the down ears. We don’t have a Lap rabbit here but they have the ears that go down like a Cocker Spaniels and this lady came in and she said she only wanted consider a Lap and I had a couple of Laps and she loved one of them and started righting the adoption papers to take him home. But every time she went by this other rabbits cage the rabbit would stick his head out and look at her and try to make eye contact with her and after a couple of minutes she said you know Mary I think this rabbits trying to tell me something . So I said I think he is too , why don’t you put down the Lap ear rabbit and go over and talk to that rabbit. And long story short she did and ended up adopting that second rabbit and the rabbit was definitely reaching out to her. It wasn’t a breed she was interested in but the personality was so out going and so affectionate and she just loved him to pieces. So, we always tell people look at the different breeds for sure, we get all breeds into shelters all the time but go by the personality. It is much more

Speaker 2: But normally you wouldn’t put a bunch of rabbits together like this because they always don’t get along, right?

Speaker 1: Thanks for saying that, this is a challenge to have all these rabbits together on the same table . We have male, male, next to each other female, female next to each other that’s not an easy thing to do in the rabbit world. Were really careful about putting rabbits together and we’re just doing this to give an idea of different breeds. We want to make sure that we stay safe here.

Speaker 2: Wow.

Speaker 1: We are keeping the rabbits from each other for that reason.

Speaker 2: Look at all the different coats.

Speaker 1: Look at all the hair flying in the air from all these different coats.

Speaker 2: Rabbit breeds.

Top 10 Rabbit Breeds for Meat

Top 10 Rabbit Breeds for Meat

Raising rabbits can be a great income source for unemployed educated people and landless farmers.

“Top 10 Rabbit Breeds for Meat Final | Highest Average Daily Gain”

Choosing a good meat rabbit breed is key to ensuring a good meat-to-bone ratio is achieved. We’ve listed the 10 best meat rabbits which can be harvested within 8-12 weeks. with the highest average daily gain.

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