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Zing een liedje

Zing een liedje

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Sing a Song · Rabbit


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Ik heb een konijn

Ik heb een konijn

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I Have a Rabbit · Des Lindberg · Dawn Silver

Folk on Trek

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Ik heb een konijntje!

Ik heb een konijntje!

Thank you all for watching this video. I’m sad to report that Gus died on 9/17/20. We don’t really know what happened but we think it had to do with a urination problem. He was always wet and messy in that area. We got a new bunny and named her Winnie. We love her! She was born 8/4/20. She has no problems and is clean and dry! Unlike Gus, she’s never peed outside of her litter box! She is already free roaming the house!

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5 dingen die u moet weten voordat u een konijn adopteert | Een korte beginnershandleiding

5 dingen die u moet weten voordat u een konijn adopteert | Een korte beginnershandleiding

In this video I go through the 5 most important things to know before getting a rabbit. If you’re completely new to rabbits, this video is a quick guide to helping you understand what a rabbit needs.

Don’t just stop at this video though! There’s lots more to learn so make sure you check out the rest of my channel. Rabbits are a big commitment. Contrary to popular belief, they are not cage animals. They are highly social and very intelligent and require as much attention as a dog. Knowledge and understanding that they are prey animals is essential to their care – watch my Misunderstood Pet Series here:

If you do decide that a rabbit is the right pet for you, remember to adopt, instead of buying from a breeder or pet shop. There are so many rabbits of all breeds, young and old, in overcrowded shelters and rabbit rescues just waiting to find their forever home!

Here’s a list of essentials that’ll help you stick to what’s discussed in this video…
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Special thanks to:
Crystal Rodgers
Chan Roge
Johanna Deris –
And everyone else for sharing your photos of your bunny play areas!


Wally & Pepper:

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WAAR KRIJG JE EEN KONIJN? | Dierenwinkel of redding?

WAAR KRIJG JE EEN KONIJN? | Dierenwinkel of redding?

Hey, thanks for watching!

Today, right now, there are thousands of rabbits sitting in a shelter. If your watching this video because you are planning on brining a new furry friend into your home please do not go to a pet store. Adoption is always a better option than purchasing a bunny from a pet shop. If you decide to go down the route of a breeder be sure to do your research!

I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


Want to learn more about adopting a rabbit?

ALLES WAT U NODIG HEBT VOOR EEN KONIJN | Het complete starterspakket

ALLES WAT U NODIG HEBT VOOR EEN KONIJN | Het complete starterspakket

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✰ Disclaimer ✰
I am not vet. Please contact a rabbit-savvy vet for any medical emergencies.
Always monitor your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

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