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Train Your Rabbit To Go Into A Carrier / Go To A Spot || EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial

Train Your Rabbit To Go Into A Carrier / Go To A Spot || EASY Step-by-Step Tutorial

Place training is common practice if you have a dog, and for good reason, but it’s equally useful to train your rabbit. Whether it’s getting your rabbit in a carrier for the vet, putting them to bed, or managing unruly behaviour, this video is a step-by-step on how to get your rabbit to go to a particular place on command. We focus on training to go inside a carrier, but this technique can be applied to any place you want your rabbit to go. Stop chasing your rabbit around and make life so much easier and stress-free for both of you.

Place training is a great command to teach any pet and can be taught in the exact same way whether they’re a cat, a guinea pig, or a parakeet.

1️⃣ Clicker Training 101:
2️⃣ Best Pet Carriers for Rabbits:

Standard clickers:
Alternative design:
PetSafe Clik-R:
Clik Stik:

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TUTORIAL | How To Teach Your Bunny Tricks

TUTORIAL | How To Teach Your Bunny Tricks

Step by step instructions on how to teach your bunny tricks like high five, hold my hand, walk, & more! Bunnies are intelligent creatures who need stimulation and enrichment. Command or clicker training is also a great way to build a bond of trust with your bun!

0:00 – Intro
0:08- FAQ
0:09 – What You Need To Start Training
0:36 – Where To Start Training
1:06 – When To Start Training
1:17 – How To: Spin
1:53 – How To: Twirl
2:45 – How To: Hold My Hand
3:17 – How To: High Five
3:50 – How To: Walk
4:23 – Outro

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