5 gevaren voor konijnen in uw huis

Hello Buns! Welcome to Cinnabun Sundays, a weekly video series where we talk about all things bunny. Today I am sharing 5 bunny hazards that are probably in your home!

Stuff in this Video:
Cord Protectors: https://amzn.to/3HVzL6W
Mat (for floorboards): https://amzn.to/3pRt5jV

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20 comments on “5 gevaren voor konijnen in uw huis

  1. @Malia-nf9rh schreef:

    You are amazing I love you💖😘🍉 🌹🐇🐰🍌👍❤💘💋you are so so so so so awesome so awesome 😘😍

  2. @OreoluwaSS schreef:

    Sincerely Cinnabon so very cute

  3. @stefanywalton7118 schreef:

    Hi Morgan you've inspired me so much 💗 💖 💓 💕 ❤️ 💛

  4. @ameslife schreef:

    I just got a baby bunny today, she’s a month and a week old I’m hoping she’s a girl still have to wait till she’s old enough to know, If you have any tips for me, please let me know. Already have a home in a plastic bin. I don’t know if that’s good enough I do have some guinea pigs I can home her with them if you think that’s OK. I would love to free Rome her but my parents probably won’t let me.

  5. @imanimalhotra8696 schreef:

    What breed is cinnamon

  6. @chrisputman-mediaguru schreef:

    I’ve had six female rabbits (one at a time) and three males. One thing I experienced is the females are nesters and they chew on everything: cords, baseboards, doors, fabric on furniture, you name it, damaging my home. The males, however, don’t have the nest-building instinct and all my boys never chewed on anything. All my girls did. Another thing, bunnies with ears up still have that wild rabbit instinct and chew and are more high strung. Lops (ears down) are docile and don’t do the damage and are easy going.

  7. @sunnymist1198 schreef:

    I have two cats and one bunny. My cats are literally afraid of my bunny and mostly just sniff him if he is like eating hay or something. Even tho they don’t seem to have any type of problem with each other, I always have an eye on my cats so if they do some they shouldn’t I can stop them. Never leave your bunnies and cats alone with each other unless they have been friends for a long long time.

  8. @Hasmikkkkk schreef:

    How do you feel about kids 13+ having pet bunnies?

  9. @vanessaale1505 schreef:

    I love the quality and maturity of your channel! I've been binge watching all you videos! I'm now the proud mom of a 3 months old bunny boy, he has lived with us for 5 days! He is getting litter box trained and it is going great. He's got a big play pen and the goal is to free roam him in our 🏠

  10. @tingtinghuang8582 schreef:

    Love your video and very helpful tips. Beautiful lady with a cute bunny, but suggest you get 2 buns as they get lonely just live by one

  11. @princesskaideka schreef:

    The thumbnail so cute !!!

  12. @Dru-sluggo schreef:

    Thanks for the information

  13. @tessaluce9296 schreef:

    Thank you! Without CB I wouldn’t know these tips! 😍
    (Although that is NOT an encouragement for Cinnabun to destroy more things lolz 😆)

  14. @TeddyCyber schreef:

    I have a cat and a bunny and a dog, my cat and my bunny get along well. My cat treats my bunny like their baby, my dog on the other hand always want to play with my bunny, but they love to go outside together

  15. @Txsivii schreef:

    Why doesn’t my bUnny chew I SPENT ALL MY SAVINGS ON BUNNY PROOFING WA👀👅👄🙄😰😪😤😫😭😭😢😢😢🥺😩not including that one time I was gonna go get some ketchup for my pizza 🍕 and my Bunny STARTED EATING IT….I Realised when I came back…..

  16. @brittanyk5371 schreef:

    Morgan, what kind of rug do you use? My girl bunny ate some of the rubber off of a rug one time & got stasis so from then on I took up all rugs except for one cloth like rug which she has started digging recently 😬🐰

  17. @Lexiponcio schreef:

    Hi, Morgan! I just wanted to say 1. I love Cinnabun! 2. I love your videos, I am picking up my bun baby this weekend and have been binge-watching your videos to ensure he will have a safe and happy life! Keep doing what you're doing and thanks for all the tips!

  18. @askingquestions9660 schreef:

    Anyone here experience with hay fever and having a bunny? Something you can feed a bunny that does not give that reaction, but does not compromise their health either?

  19. @shringarrai6582 schreef:

    I somehow dnt believe that they can be potty trained now? Dnno

  20. @shringarrai6582 schreef:

    My bunny is just three months but off lately she has started doing potty every we’re
    What shall I do
    Shall I cage her strictly for few weeks
    Cos if it’s not trained or loosing it’s habit
    I cannot let it roam free

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