Dag: 10 november 2023

Cute animals – Konijnen filmpjes – #2 Schattige konijnen chillen samen – funny animal videos

Cute animals – Konijnen filmpjes – #2 Schattige konijnen chillen samen – funny animal videos

Schattige konijnen Cookie en Willem liggen met hun neusjes tegen elkaar heerlijk te chillen in het zonnetje, so cute!! Een goed voorbeeld van succesvolle en snelle koppeling van konijnen!


Konijn ontmoet trein

Konijn ontmoet trein

A rabbit meets a train for the first time in this rabbit training video. The rabbit is a bit of a scared rabbit, but the more stimuli he is exposed to, the friendlier he becomes. The rabbit has never seen a toy train / model train before, so he did not know what to expect. We set up the toy train around his eating station, in hopes the rabbit would enjoy the train – maybe even enough to do a toy review of the train. Once the train started up, Pigpoke became a scared rabbit / angry rabbit, and ran away to the safety of his lair.

The rabbit’s favorite food is banana though, and he’s always up for making a rabbit eating banana video! We hope you think the sounds of the rabbit eating banana ASMR style are relaxing, even though he’s doing it next to a train! The bunny rabbit is very brave, and eventually gets acclimated to the sounds and motions of the train, after some coaxing with banana, of course! The rabbit is no longer a scared bun, but a Mighty Beast!

Pigpoke wanted to make a when rabbits attack video! The rabbit did rabbit honking, rabbit grunting, rabbit charging, and rabbit attacking, all in one! It looks like Pigpoke is a territorial rabbit or an angry rabbit, but really he’s just playing his favorite game!

This seems to be a variation of the rabbit’s favorite game, “Chase me if you dare!” The rabbit likes it, doing rabbit jumps and rabbit spins in the air whenever a human approaches. He also does rabbit binkies and rabbit zoomies when he gets excited, and maybe a rabbit 500 where he runs around the room lightning fast! When the bunny needs a break, he retreats to his cage or allows himself to be pet. Then, when the rabbit is rested and ready for more, he jumps out or stands up and attacks again!

The tiny pet bunny rabbit’s name is Pigpoke. The rabbit gets very excited for bedtime because he likes running up the stairs and eating a glorious treat and playing games! Pigpoke rabbit loves running up the stairs, binkying around his room, running in a circle, and eating his treat. The rabbit loves making rabbit running up the stairs videos and rabbit eating videos!

Thanks for checking out Pipkin Rabbit, Pigpoke Rabbit, and our rabbit channel. We hope you think he is the cutest rabbit ever, because he really enjoys making videos – ASMR videos in particular! Pipkin is a free range rabbit / free roam rabbit and we all enjoy making cute rabbit videos. If you’d like to see more cute rabbit videos, please watch some of our other work!

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