Dag: 17 mei 2023

How I got my bunnies to the vet | Body exam 🩺

How I got my bunnies to the vet | Body exam 🩺

Short vlog on how I got my bunnies to the vet to get their body exam.

✿ Little Intro
Bobby (Holland lop) 🐼
Birthday: October 2016 🇺🇸
Gender: Male, neutered ♂
Personality: Calm & friendly 😇
Likes: Food, pet, massages
Dislike: Nail trimming

Ellie (Holland lop) 🐨
Birthday: May 2018 🇺🇸
Gender: Female, spayed ♀
Personality: Princess 👑
Likes: Bite Bunpa, tease Bobby & zoomies
Dislike: Loud noises

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